6 Ways to Earn More on Angi Services

As a pro, the biggest part of your total payment comes from the base pay for each job that you do.


You can supplement your payment on Angi Services with these 6 tips:


  1. Claim jobs with incentives

Certain jobs in your Claims tab will have an extra incentive. Add these to your schedule to earn more.


  1. Payment tier incentive

For certain regions and services, you can get paid up to an additional $5 per hour by completing a certain number of jobs within 28 days. Learn More >


  1. Quest Offers
Occasionally, you’ll receive a message from the Angi Services team to complete a certain number of jobs over the next week to get an additional incentive. For example: complete 4 jobs and get $30. Keep an eye out in your email and text messages. You can see if you’re currently eligible for a Quest - open your app, then go to More > Quests.
  1. Refer a friend
If you know someone who might be a good addition to the community of service professionals using the Angi Services platform, you can refer them and earn up to $250! All they have to do is complete 5 bookings in the first 14 days of activation. Learn More >
  1. Get more jobs with Instant Book
Instant Book allows you to set your schedule & bookings will be automatically added - no need to manually claim and compete with other Pros for Angi jobs. Learn more >
  1. See more jobs with Service Filters
Want to see more jobs? Enable additional services using the “Filter” button in your Claim tab. We have a big range of jobs from furniture assembly to cleaning to yard cleanup, and many more! Learn more >
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