Requesting additional pay for a job

Occasionally, a booking may be more complicated than expected or a customer asks for tasks that weren’t in the initial estimate. To help you navigate this situation, the Angi Services for Pros app allows you to request additional pay for select services in a few simple steps.


How it works

Step 1: Manage expectations with the customer

  • Before starting the job: We recommend that you reach out to the customer for more information if you cannot assess whether or not you’ll be able to complete everything in the time estimated. If you may need additional pay to complete the job to their level of satisfaction, be upfront with customers.
  • Try to get written agreement in the in-app chat whenever possible

Step 2: Go to the Job Support menu. It will show an option titled “I need more pay to finish the job” if your booking is eligible to add pay in-app. Fill out the reason and requested amount, then submit the request.

Step 3: The customer will receive a text message asking them to confirm the extra pay. Once approved, you’ll be notified via text message and your payment will be updated when the booking window ends.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t see “I need more pay to finish the job” in the Job Support menu?

This feature is available on select jobs, but you can still add extra pay by messaging the customer in-app, getting their approval, and reaching out to to process the change.


What happens if a customer does not approve the additional pay?

Many Pros find it helpful to discuss how much extra pay is needed with the customer before requesting additional pay. If you or the customer don't want to adjust the pay for the booking, please work with the customer to prioritize and complete as much as you can.

If the customer does not approve your request for additional pay and the job cannot be partially completed, please reach out to Pro Support live chat for further assistance.


How will I be paid?

You will be paid for the additional pay that the customer has approved the same way that you are paid for the job, in your weekly batch payment.


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