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The durations specified on bookings are just estimates, and you can always negotiate with the customer for a different amount of time.  After you claim a booking, we recommend that you reach out to the customer for more information if you cannot assess whether or not you’ll be able to complete everything in the time estimated.

It’s a good idea to be upfront with your customers before you start and let them know they may need to add time to complete the job to your level of satisfaction. If you or the customer don't want to add hours to the booking, you are not obligated to stay past the estimated duration.

When you negotiate adding time to a job, the customer must approve the addition. If you don't confirm it with them, you won't be eligible for additional hourly pay.

Note bookings made through any of our retail partners (except Lowe’s & Google Nest Maintenance) allow the addition of up to 2 hours at no additional cost to the customer as long as the customer has confirmed the additional time. If more than 2 additional hours are needed beyond the original booking time, the customer must approve the additional time and accept any charges related to these added hours.

There are two options you may use to confirm additional time with the customer in order to have that additional time reflected in the booking on your Angi Services app. (You can always arrange directly with the customer to complete additional work or stay for more time.)

Option 1: Reach out to the customer using the in-app chat feature and ask them to confirm the additional time in a message

Step 1: Message customer to request extra time, i.e. “As we discussed, I will need an additional 2 hours to complete this task. Please respond to approve.”

Step 2: Wait for a response from the customer. Any affirmative response is acceptable, i.e. “Yes, that’s fine”, or “I confirm”, or “I approve”, or even “OK”.

Step 3: Use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of this page, or email and let us know the customer confirmed a time extension via in-app chat.

Tip: Most pros find it easiest to have a quick verbal conversation at the same time they’re sending this message, so that the customer is ready to respond immediately.

Option 2: Request Additional Time in-app via the Job Support menu

For certain types of bookings, the Angi Services for Pros app will allow you to request additional time directly through the Job Support menu on the booking.

Step 1: After Checking In, the Job Support menu will show an option titled “I need more time to finish the job” if your booking is eligible for an on-the-job request. 


Step 2: Select the amount of time you and your customer agreed to add, and submit the request.


Step 3: The customer will receive a text message asking them to confirm the extra time. Once approved, you’ll be notified via text message and your payment will be updated when the booking window ends.


Note: The customer has until the end of the booking window to accept or deny the request. If you don’t receive a confirmation text noting the approval or denial of your request, please discuss with the customer what tasks they’d like prioritized for the booking since the booking hours and payment will remain the same. Complete the booking to the best of your ability and check out of the job as you normally would.


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