Customer wants to cancel or reschedule

Customers are in charge of their service requests, so professionals are not able to cancel or reschedule on behalf of their customers. If your customer contacts you to cancel or reschedule their job, or you and your customer agree to a new schedule and want that reflected in the booking, please let them know that they need to cancel or reschedule through their mobile app or contact support.

For some types of bookings, customers are able to send a reschedule request directly to you using their app:


You also have the option to provide Angi Services with the agreed-to changes in writing and Angi Services will apply any additional payment if you and the customer confirm you want it processed through Angi Services.

If the job doesn’t disappear from your Schedule page in your Angi Services for Pros app, please still plan to arrive at the job. If the customer isn’t there, or cancels on you at the last minute, Angi Services will provide you full payment for the job, up to 2 hours (up to 3 hours in California) - but we do ask that you wait 30 minutes to see if the customer arrives a little late.


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