When should I expect my "Cash Out Now" payment?

After you successfully confirm that you would like to use the Cash Out Now feature in the Angi Services for Pros App, the payment is promptly sent to your bank. Once your bank receives the payment they begin to process the funds into your account. This process may take up to a maximum of 5 business days to complete, but may be faster depending on the bank that you use.

Below are the expected maximum days needed to process a payment for 20 of the most common banks used by professionals.


Bank Name Expected wait time (in days)

Ally Bank

American Express 2
Bank of America 1
Capital One 1
Citibank 1
Fifth Third Bank 1
Green Dot 1
HSBC Bank 1
JPMorgan Chase 1
M&T Bank 1
Metabank 1
Navy Federal Credit Union 1
PNC Bank 1
Regions Bank 1
Santander 1
Suntrust 1
TD Bank 1
US Bank 1
Wells Fargo 2


Two things to keep in mind using this feature:

  1. A Cash Out Now payment created after 5 PM EST may result in an additional business day to process.
  2. If your Cash Out Now payment takes longer than 5 maximum business days to post, please reach out to your bank to find out the status.

To find out more about the Cash Out Now feature, please click here.


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