How to avoid fees on the Angi Services Platform

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We want all of the professionals using the Angi Services Platform to be successful, and part of that success is equipping you with knowledge about fees you may incur while on the platform. Here are some suggestions we've heard from our top pros on how they avoid fees.

Late Cancellation Fee: You will be subject to a cancellation fee if you cancel a booking after you are committed to it. If you cancel a job within 4 hours after claiming it, there’s no fee no matter how long until the job starts. After those 4 hours, please view our cancellation policy. To avoid this fee, be smart about bookings you claim and make sure to cancel anything that you cannot complete before being committed to the job.



Missed Job/No Show Fee: A no show fee is issued when you don’t show up at your booking, or if you are more than 30 minutes late for a booking and the customer decides to cancel. The best way to avoid this fee is to make sure to go to every booking you commit to in your Angi Services for Pros app.
If you missed the job because your customer was not there, Angi Services will usually compensate you for up to 2 hours of pay (up to 3 hours in California). To obtain this payment, we ask you to check in to the booking when you arrive at the location, reach out to the customer (by calling, texting, and using the in-app chat feature), wait at the location for 30 minutes to ensure the customer is not just running late, and then check out when you leave. This way, if a customer who is not present tries to say that it was the Pro who did not show up, there is clear evidence to dispute that claim.

Early Departure Fee: If a professional leaves a booking early and the customer then calls Angi with a substantiated complaint concerning an incomplete job or a quality issue, the professional will only be paid for the hours actually worked.


A full list of possible fees is in the Service Professional Agreement.


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