What are fees?

Fees are penalties deducted from your payment for a variety of reasons. Generally, fees are used to enforce platform standards. When you look at your payments, you might see fees for instances like lateness, or worse, not showing up. Here are several common fees - you can click on the fee name for more details about the specific fee:

Fee Name

Fee Amount

Late cancellation fee

  • If there are between 24 and 48 hours until the job starts, there’s a $10/£10 fee.
  • If there are between 4 and 24 hours until the job starts, there’s a $20/£15 fee.
  • If there are under 4 hours until the job starts, there’s a $40/£20 fee.

Missed job fee

  • If you fail to arrive at a job, there’s a $50/£25 fee.

Late arrival fee

  • If you arrive late to a job without letting the customer know, either through the On My Way feature, in app chat, calling, or texting the customer, you’ll be charged a $15/£10 late arrival fee.

Early departure fee

  • If you leave a job early, you’ll be charged an early departure fee of $15/£10.

A full list of possible fees is in the Service Professional Agreement.

Think you were incorrectly charged a fee? Check out this article.


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