Late cancellation fee

In order to prevent last-minute cancellations, which erode customer trust and prevent other professionals from claiming the job, Angi Services charges a cancellation fee if a pro cancels a job within a certain period. These fees are explained in the Service Professional Agreement, which all of the pros using the Angi Services platform agree to.

If you cancel a job within 4 hours after claiming it, there’s no fee no matter how long until the job starts. Otherwise, please view our cancellation policy or see the table below:

Cancellation Time Fee Amount

Between 24 and 48 hours until the job starts

$10/£10 fee

Between 4 and 24 hours until the job starts

$20/£15 fee

Under 4 hours until the job starts

$40/£20 fee

Failure to arrive at a job

$50/£25 fee


If you cancelled a job after you claimed it because the job details weren't what you expected, you'll still be subject to a fee. We work hard to make sure both pros and customers know what to expect, so any pro should be able to claim any job.

If you believe there's an issue with the job location, please contact our team here.

If you believe a mistake has been made, and that you were incorrectly charged a fee, or you’d like more specific feedback about such a fee you can contact the Angi Services team. You can chat with us via the blue chat icon, or email us any time at

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